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Glow Socials Are This Week!

Glow Socials: Thursday, March 7th & Friday, March 8th

5TH GRADE: Thursday, March 7th from 3:40-5:30pm 6TH GRADE: Friday, March 8th from 3:40-5:30pm 7TH GRADE: Friday, March 8th from 6:30-8:30pm

The March Glow Socials are this week!

6th and 7th grade socials are in jeopardy of being cancelled with current participation well below 50% for each grade.

Please send in the permission slip and look out for the sign-up requests. Your help and donations will ensure a fun event for all.

Click below for the permission slips for each grade:

See below for Sign-up Genius links: 5th grade:

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