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Digital Parenting: Tips & Triage

Presented by Meredith Dutra, Redding Resident and Technology Integration Specialist at Scarsdale High School

Co-Sponsored by the JRMS PTA, RES PTA and Mark Twain Library

This presentation provides practical strategies for guiding your child’s online activities and addressing negative digital experiences. As a parent in today’s rapidly changing digital world, being proactive and well-informed is essential. Meredith will help parents to delve into resources and set realistic expectations regarding technology use for children in grades K-8. Empower yourself with the knowledge and tools to navigate your child’s digital journey effectively.

Click here to download the presentation slides.


"Smart Digital Parenting: Navigating Screens with Children & Teens"

In the video below, hear expert voices Kerry Gallagher, Education Director at ConnectSafely and Mikki Wilson, PTA Connected National Ambassador explore:

  • The emerging world of generative AI and its implications for your family.

  • The impact of influencers and celebrities.

  • Tips for discussing complex topics with kids and teens.

  • Digital wellness and navigating the pressure to be perfect online.

  • Solutions to combat online bullying and harassment.

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